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 Nirmala English Medium School is recognized by the Madhya Pradesh Board of Education and is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. The school is dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God after whom the school is named. It is established and administered by SMMI (Salesian Missionaries of Mary Immaculate) sisters, a Christian minority and is run Northern Marysalian Society, with its headquarter in Mandla, M.P.  It is an English Medium Senior Secondary school for both boys and girls. Although the primarily beneficiaries of Nirmala English Medium Sr.Sec. School are Christian students, it also admits students irrespective of caste / creed.


“Love and Service”

             Within and beyond the curriculum offered, the school endeavors to instill and effectuate in the students these basic human values as it prepares the students to face the challenging world of the present day courageously and constructively.


                 Formation of the intellect and character through a holistic and integrated approach for self growth and social transformation.


              Enable, encourage and enhance value based education oriented towards academic excellence and competency.


               To provide an eco – friendly atmosphere for an integral development and skills through a continuous learning process.

School Emblem 

            The emblem is comprised of two hands with in which a plant is held. Either side of the hands there is a book and a lamp. These are encircled by the English alphabet ‘M’ over which there is a dove from which the rays of light descend and envelop the objects.

           The hands stand for the teachers, in whose care the plant that is the student is placed. The book stands for knowledge and the lamp for the guidance. They together imply the knowledge and the guidance that the teacher imparts to the students. ‘M’ represents Mary,  the Patroness of the school. The dove represents the agent of God who communicates the transcendent wisdom to the earthly realities. Under the care and guidance of Mary, the Mother of God, the teacher moulds the students in wisdom and knowledge received from God.

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