Adminssion Procedure

              The admission to the school is for nursery class. The admission to the other classes is subject to availability of seats. To ensure admission, parents are advised to get the name of their wards registered in January. Minimum age to join nursery is 3 years. Admission to higher classes is based on the written test in Maths, English and Science. Qualified candidates will have to appear for interview together with their parents/guardian on the given date by the school along with the required documents.

                Any students can be restricted on disciplinary grounds or the admission can be canceled for submission of false information at the time of admission. 15 days notice in advance must be given to withdraw a student. All the school dues must be clear to obtain a T.C. A minimum period of three days must be given for issuing any certificate or documents from the school. The rules and regulations of the school are described in the school diary which is issued to every student.