Water cooler and Aqua guard:

                Drinking water facility is given special care in the school premises. Water cooler and Aqua guard are installed  to provide clean and sage drinking water.


               The school has well equipped labs for science and a separate lab for Mathematics.

Language Lab:

               To teach English effectively which helps the students to learn the language.

Computer Lab:

           Well equipped computer lab to provide awareness and knowledge on computer application and to maintain the trend of being computer literate hence to equip them for future.

Digital Class Room:

              Digital learning environment through digital classes is provided for the students. The teachers have access to various electronic equipments to explain their subjects thus make the teaching effective and learning interesting.

School Band:

The school has formed well trained band group.

Play Ground:

             The school has a playground which is well maintained for foot ball, cricket, badminton, basket ball, volley ball, kho-kho, kabaddi, karate and skating also are conducted in school.

Scouts and Guides:

            In order to nurture leadership qualities  and make the students responsible citizens and to have the sense of service, scouts and guides are organized and the students take part in various activities like tree plantation, caring for the environment and camps etc.

Library and Reading Room:

                “A parent or a teacher has only his lifetime, a good book can teach forever”

– Louis L’A

                A well equipped library with many books on various topics, periodicals, magazines, story book, news papers etc. besides the class references is made available for students to quench their thirst for knowledge.

Co-Curricular Activities / Educational Tours:

                Co-Curricular activities are conducted to extract the potentials of the students like quiz, recitation, storytelling, drawing competition, Debate, singing, dance etc. Educational tours are arranged to extend learning beyond class room.

Social Service:

                Visiting the old age home and home for the differently – abled children to instill respect for life and the elderly.