Rules And Regulations

  1. School day begins with the morning assembly, fifteen minutes ahead of which all should reach the school premises.
  2. The morning bell will be rung with a gap of five minutes. After the second bell the school main gate will be closed and no student will be permitted inside.
  3. Parents those who are in need of meeting the Principal can visit between 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon.
  4. Students should have great regard for the rules of politeness general cleanliness, decency in speech, behavior and respect for one another.
  5. All should speak English in the School premises.
  6. Special care must be taken to see that silence is maintained during change of periods.
  7. When moving along the corridors or Stairways the rule is to always keep to the left, walk in single line and in silence.
  8. No student is permitted to enter the Staff Room.
  9. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their belongings.
  10. No responsibility is taken for jewellery or any other valuable articles brought to the school by the students.
  11. Any damage of the school property is to be made good by the students at fault or if not traceable, by all the students collectively.
  12. Students are expected to take part in extra curricular activities with all enthusiasm and with a spirit of sportsmanship.
  13. Tools/Objects that are not of any need or relevance to the academic pursuit should not be found with any student within the school premises.
  14. No books or magazines other than text or library books may be brought to the school.
  15. Pupil and parents are forbidden to give either individual or collective gifts to the teachers without the knowledge of the Principal.
  16. Students are not allowed to receive visitors, make phone calls or leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.
  17. No collection of money for any purpose whatsoever, may be made in the school without the permission of the Principal.
  18. Girls are not allowed to colour their hair and grow/varnish their nails. Boys must have their hair neatly & properly cut from time to time (No fancy cut is allowed).   Primary girls of the school must wear white/blue shorts as part of their uniform.
  19. On the day students are permitted to wear casual clothes, do ensure that they are suitable attired for school.
  20. Students are not permitted to give treats to other students in the school premises.

“Dress and department speak volumes

For the students and the institution”